Japanese Transcription

Transcribe Japanese meetings on Google Meet in real-time

Live Japanese Transcription on Google Meet

Ever found yourself lost in a whirlwind of Japanese conversation during a meeting? With JotMe's live transcription feature, you can effortlessly keep track of every Japanese word spoken. Whether it's deciphering unfamiliar terms or revisiting past discussions, JotMe has you covered. Don't miss a beat – sign up for free today, no credit card needed!

How do I get Live Japanese Transcription on Google Meet?

In 3 easy steps!

1. Add JotMe to the Chrome extension and sign up

It’s easy as you can get started in under 30 seconds!

2. Turn off the translation toggle off

For live transcription you don’t need translation feature.

3. Set your source language

This is the language that JotMe is transcribing. Set it to Japanese to get Japanese transcription.

Get Japanese Transcription for


You get to use this Japanese transcription as a caption.

Never get lost in Japanese again

All the past discussion is in the transcription so you won’t be lost in the Japanese conversation anymore.

Understand how you communicate in Japanese

You can capture your Japanese speech to see what impact that made on your team or coworkers.

Frequently Asked

Is this live Japanese transcription on Google Meet free?


Yes, it is completely free!

How do I get live Japanese captions on Google Meet?


You can add the JotMe Chrome extension to your Chrome browser. After setting the source language to Japanese, you immediately get the live Japanese transcription on Google Meet.

How do I transcribe Japanese meetings in real-time on Google Meet?


By adding the JotMe Chrome extension to your Chrome browser, you immediately get the live Japanese transcription on Google Meet. Just don’t forget to set the source language to Japanese.

Can we store the transcription?


Yes, you can! The transcript is stored on the dashboard as a transcript.

What other languages can I transcribe?


You can transcribe other 76 languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Norwegian, Italian, Burmese, Russian, Filipino, Swahili, Hungarian and more.

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